LAS VOCES DE LAS HORMIGAS se está traduciendo al inglés

#las voces de las hormigas

LAS VOC ES DE LAS HORMIGAS se está traduciendo al inglés


Traducción al inglés

No hace mucho, una de mis primeras novelas (Confieso), después de un proceso que tardó dos años, fue traducida al italiano y publicada en Roma por Edizioni la Fenice, bajo el título Confesso. Fue la primera traducción de una de mis novelas, segunda traducción si hablamos de otro tipo de libros porque también mi MANUAL DE PUBLICIDAD, horas de 64 minutos tuvo unos años antes su traducción al valenciano (actualmente disponible GRATIS en pdf en mi página web

Ahora se está dando un paso importante que me permitirá entrar en el mercado estadounidense con mi última novela publicada: LAS VOCES DE LAS HORMIGAS

La traducción ya ha empezado y está previsto que la novela pueda ser publicada en inglés (tanto en papel como en  e-book) en este primer semestre de 2013.

Simultáneamente se está traduciendo también al inglés la recopilación de relatos cortos y cuentos que están actualmente publicados solo en formato electrónico, bajo el título común de LA MARCA DE CAÍN en Amazon. Tanto LAS VOCES DE LAS HORMIGAS como la recopilación, se publicarán a la vez, al menos en formato electrónico; todavía no se ha decidido si la recopilación de LA MARCA DE CAÍN tendrá su versión en papel o no, aunque lo más probable es que sí que la tenga finalmente.

No puedo resistirme a dejar aquí unas pocas páginas de esa traducción que está teniendo lugar:


The Judge 

1 (De la primera traducción de LAS VOCES DE LAS HORMIGAS)

The building was very old with decadent aspect, and in spite of housing the new city court, the number six, they almost haven’t even bother refurbishing it very much, maybe due to budget restrictions. The smell of mildew and moisture was all over the place. Recently painted white matt walls shown already some suspicious and upsetting yellow colour in almost all the corners and this when the court had been working here for only six months. A substantial part of the furniture came from other courtrooms making it look as something resembling a multiform bordello, without harmony and unwelcoming, instead of a modern facility as it should be.

He didn’t care much about how things looked around him, actually this worked out better with his permanently negative and pessimist state of the recent years and with his 70 Euros dark blue polyester suit that was starting to feel small due to the inexplicable and lately acquire pounds that were adding to his corporal perimeter, especially in the belly, were only the tie was able to hide the extreme pressure on the buttons of his shirt.

Nobody was in the entire building at that time, he was alone or at least he thought so.  This shift was really a duty of court number four and he should have to be home resting and waiting for a new working day full of unpleasant encounters with other civil servants, guards, police officers, detained people and an unaccountable number of long faces and worst stories. He could have remained at home, if his place could be call home, a very small rented apartment, but his state of mind claimed for less light and the depressing ambiance of the court room rather than the exclusive luminosity of his dwelling and the modern furniture, that by the way, was of the shoddiest quality and worst manufacture, that his landlord had bought with the only intention of getting the larger gaining with the less investment and without minding his tenant comfort, something on the other hand perfectly coherent with the actual state of the real estate market. In any case, it didn’t knew either why he was complaining, since the rental price was very low. Why shouldn’t the furniture be cheap?

In any case it was certain that in the courtroom nobody would bother him while the main door remained closed. Only he had the key, with the exception of the security guards. He had insisted very much upon this because he didn’t want any of his employees showing up in non working shifts, yet he had notice that this was not really the problem because nobody show up at work on time and everybody was trying to get out before the working shift was over, hence he doubted that anyone will need the key.  Moreover the security guards will not bother him because at that time they just stroll about hanging on and talking and this was practically all what they did. He always thought that this security expense was unnecessary but he didn’t care much, except that he suspected that these superfluous expenses were the reason why the budget ran out before time affecting more important and necessary matters for the proper functioning of the courtrooms. Maybe this was the reason why he didn’t have decent furniture in his office.

As a consequence of his thoughts he glanced in one of the corners the appalling couch with two stains of unknown origin but of humid and organic appearance. The couch had undefined colour between grey and a huge unstitch in one arm, where a multicolour filling was struggling to get out by pressure.  The couch was almost as worn out as he was at that moment. In spite of the couch awful appearance he decided to stand up from his uncomfortable chair of Indian wood and to make himself comfortable on the couch. He already had his pipe in his hand with smoke that smelled like old urine, which did not bother him – this is what happened with methamphetamine, at least at the beginning.  After three or four anxious puffs everything is transformed, but it is reasonable to assume that it stills stinking.  Suddenly his surrounding ambiance, dark and damp, was to be transformed before his eyes into a warm and bright one where even the couch seemed perfect.  He was not aware that his heart rate had quite increased at the same time that his blood vessels had expanded, which would be evident for anyone who would had observed at his neck that was now tense and completely extended with a reddish colour that was starting to become bluish.

Another puff and the agreeable tickling in his gums, spine and genitals will start. Yes he was a bit prim after all and when he thought about his balls he couldn’t call them as such, not even when he was stoned with amphetamines or the narcotic that he was using much more frequently than prudently and that even a good salary as his could afford.

The smoke coming out of his pipe was green; he was never sure if it actually had this colour or he just saw it like this due to what he smoked.  The fact was that he enjoyed looking at it when voluptuous volutes that seemed to be talking to him until they got lost on the ceiling where they hit and dispersed through all directions creating an increasing fog in the closed room. His eyes watered maybe due to the amphetamines or just the smoke and he clenched his teeth enjoying a sweet pain from his gums excitement.

It seemed incredible, he didn’t felt tired at all, he was strong enough to do anything, but at the same time he didn’t want to stand up to start any activity. It was one of those paradoxical situations to which he was so use to and gave no importance either. He was trying to come around the notion that life was much simpler that one assume, and that many times it is worthless to entertain thoughts about its meaning. He just wished in this moment to remain without any worries smoking and enjoying his green smoke until the pipe went out by itself after running off of combustible. Later on he will decide if he was going to do something.

Ramón Cerdá
Empresario - Sociedades Urgentes
Ontinyent, 1964

Fundador de GMC Asesoría de Empresas, SOCIEDADES URGENTES y Mi Libro en Papel, además de escritor, novelista, bloguero, editor y corrector de textos en EL FANTASMA DE LOS SUEÑOS.

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